Are you in for the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride?

Since 2012 upon the last Sunday of September, a worldwide event is held to celebrate the art of being dapper, classic and vintage styled motorcycles. Yes, we refer to the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride!

The main objective of this massive ride is to raise sponsorship money for prostate cancer research and male suicide prevention on behalf of the Movember Foundation.  This themed ride provides a scheme of dress, behavior and motorcycle styles such as café racers, bobbers, scramblers, old school choppers, classics, flat trackers, etc. So why not? It's an excellent opportunity to contribute and show up your bike!

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride event has become quite popular among the biker community. In 2012 over 2,500 riders participated across 64 cities, and on last's year ride, more than 115,000 participants in 101 countries rallied worldwide. In 2018 the organization achieved to raise $6.3M to help fund the research into prostate cancer and support men's mental health.

And you may wonder, how can I contribute and join the ride? Well, my friend great news! You can join one of the 653 local trips worldwide, or you can even host one! On the event's website, you can find the closest local ride by selecting your country and register to take part in it! The ride carries no entry fee, but riders are encouraged to raise sponsorship money for the cause.

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

This year's event has challenging objectives: To join 130,000 riders in more than 700 cities in 110 different countries to raise $7M. There's almost a month left for the date! So, call your friends, grab your UL boots, and get ready to ride for a purpose! If you would like to connect with motorcycle enthusiasts just like you, check out the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride website:

Prepare your finest suit and see you there!

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