Top 10 Vintage Helmets


No-other piece of equipment adds more style than wearing a perfectly designed helmet. When it comes to protection, this piece of equipment is probably the most important, a proper protection to our head needs to be done properly to prevent life-threatening head injuries.

In the cafe racer world, where there’s a vintage appeal to old motorcycles of the 60’s and 70’s, vintage helmets are also a prized possession. If you are more into a retro style type of gear, we made you a list of the top 10 vintage helmets for you to buy in 2019. 

We don't really have a favorite, but is up for you to choose. Here's our selection:

1. Nexx SX60 Vintage Open Face Helmet

Nexx SX60 Vintage

The Nexx SX60 has an eye-catching design, and gives you the protection you need with its hard resin shell designed to withstand hard collisions and extreme pressure, it meets the DOT standards. The helmet comes with two visors which can be easily deployed and retracted. It also comes with an anti-sweat and anti-allergic inner lining and weights only 2.3 pounds, making it a lightweight but quite safe option.


2. Biltwell Gringo Full Face Helmet

Biltwell GringoEven though this is not the most retro helmet ever, it preserves the vintage look. In terms of protection and comfort it is among the top rank since it covers face and head it meets the DOT XPS to XXL safety standards. This helmet has an ABS injection outer shell with hand painted finish and an interior made of expanded polystyrene. You should definitely check it out (It's available in seventeen different colors).


3. Bell Rogue Half-Size Motorcycle Helmet

Bell RogueThe Rogue Helmet shows great attitude and style. This helmet has a fiberglass composite shell and a removable interior which provides maximum comfort. Apart from a great personality, this helmet meets safety requirements providing additional safety to the back of the head due to the mechanism that fix the chin, which works with fidlock magnetic connections, meeting the DOT certification. There's nothing like it on the road!


4. Bell Custom 500 Open-Face Motorcycle Helmet

Bell Custom 500We come back to bell! The Custom 500 is a classic ¾ helmet. The quilted, contrast-stitched, plush interior is wrapped in a fiberglass composite shell and has anti-bacterial liner tech to keep it clean and free of odors. This helmet meets the DOT safety standards and you can even customize it, so this would be a great option if you are looking for something special!


5. TORC T50 Route 66 3/4 Helmet with ‘Flying Tiger’ Graphic

TORC T50The T50 provides major protection but don´t restrict visio at all making an enjoyable riding experience for bikers. Despite the light weight, the T50 has a solid shell body that will protect your head due to an advanced ABS shell which meets the DOT safety standards. This helmet is known for their tough build quality!  One of the most attractive features of this helmet is its unique graphic styles, having a variety of options to choose from.


6. X380 Vintage Motorcycle Helmet by Vega Helmets (Bombs Away Graphic)

X380 VintageThe X380 Vintage Motorcycle Helmet is an ideal open face helmet for those looking for a comfortable classic look a retro design.Weighing only 2.3 pounds and packed with features, the X380 open face motorcycle helmet provides a safe vintage-forward design that perfectly meets or exceeds the US DOT FMVSS 218 safety regulations, so you can feel more confident and look good riding.


7. Woljay Leather Half Helmet Motorcycle Biker Cruiser Scooter Touring Helmet

Woljay LeatherThis is an open-face helmet made out of artificial leather with a chin strap which provide a very classic and stylish look for every ride. This helmet is DOT certified, providing safety to the back of the head due to its external and internal construction of its shell. It is not so easy to find it but fortunately if your take your time, you would find the right size online.



D.O.T. DAYTONA The D.O.T helmet meets and exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 Standards And Is The Smallest ¾  shell helmet ever made, its moisture wicking fabric keeps your head cool and comfortable. It has a reinforced strap retention system which allows a quick release lock with one finger release lever for easy detachment, it comes in different colors and design available, so it is a top option for you to consider!


9. Core Vintage Open Face Helmet

Core VintageIf you are more into a an old-school racing look, this helmet is ideal for you! This helmet protects you but does not cover up your face. It´s outer shell is made with an Injection Thermoplastic alloy with Brushed Nylon comfort interior. This helmet meets and exceeds the DOT FMSV218 Standard, so if you are a fan of safety this could be a great player, check it out!


10. VCAN V531 Solid Half Helmet

VCAN V531A little like an equestrian helmet but with a retro elegant style composed by simple design and clean lines provides great value and a great piece of gear suitable for all level of rider. It has an attractive flat paint finish with removable cheek pads that can be easily washed. It has a minimal design with aerodynamic elements which meet and exceed DOT standards. It is quite a comfortable option ideal for your rides!


Choosing the right helmet while riding your motorcycle is a huge deal, make sure you know which products will best suit your needs! Designers and developers of motorcycle gear have created amazing helmets with an older design but with great functionality and style. Maybe you can complement your look with a badass looking Umberto Luce Shoes. Hope you find useful info in our recommendations! Tell us, which is your favorite?

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