Vintage Motorcycle Styles

Vintage Motorcycles could be considered a 21st-century treasure! Huge fans, bike nerds and multimillionaires are willing to hunt these hidden gems from around the globe. And you may wonder: Why are vintage motorcycles so treasured? Well, my friend, Vintage Motorcycles are incredible that distinguish for having an original design with a lower seat, and a unique retro style that makes any motorcycle lover stand out from the rest.

Among the custom motorcycles styles, we can find we have Scrambler, Cafe Racer, Tracker, Chopper, Brat, Brat-bob, American or European, etc. Even though they all can look alike, each of them has particular characteristics that define them. In this post, we will cover six of them. We already have our favorite, do you? Don't forget to let us know which is your favorite at the end of this post!

Motorcycle Styles


This bike could be considered a mixture between a Bobber and a Cafe Racer in which it's main characteristics are wide tires, and a long seat, this type of bikes are ideal for short or city rides for the unique driving position it takes. This style tends to be an inspiration for creating custom bikes.



This motorcycles used to be the sportbikes in the '50s, and usually, they were made from recycled pieces, they removed the fairing and modified parts just like the seat, the poses, the headlight, and a short handlebar. Cafe Racer bikes are very agile and one of the greatest exponents of the retro motorcycle movement.

Cafe Racer


The style was born in competences, that's where it's peculiar look took shape. These bikes tend to very thin, its tires are located at the same level of the handle, and they can be driven in pavement, land and even snow.



This style was born due to the need of getting off the road. In this bikes the fairing is minimal, and the view of the engine is privileged that promotes a relaxed driving position, it has taco wheels, and its exhaust points upwards to prevent water from entering, making this the main characteristic of the Scrambler.



The bobber style was quite dominant in America in the old years. These bikes distinguish for having a minimal design with chrome everywhere, a lowered chassis with the handlebars forward giving a unique driving position.



The chopper motorcycles became an icon in the American vehicle industry for being a mobility alternative with a very original style. These bikes distinguish for incorporating seats with an extended back attached directly to the chassis, a more extensive back tire, and a raised handlebar.


We love all these styles, but definitely, Cafe Racer is our favorite! So, among the variety of styles, tell us: Which is your favorite to drive with your UL Boots?

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