Which countries have the most motorcycles?

We all know that motorcycles have become quite popular worldwide, its practicality and low fuel consumption have made them excellent transportation mean in big and small cities. For these reasons, the concentration of motorcycles has grown exponentially in diverse countries and you may wonder, which top four countries could be considered the motorcycle capitals? Well, according to the Pew Research Center, 58% of all the motorbikes are located in Asia Pacific. But read this post along to see which countries have the highest number of motorbike use:

Apart from its paradisiacal landscapes, Thailand is known as "the land of 100 million scooters". Its streets are full of bikes of different brands, colors and styles. Nearly 87% of Thailand's population owns at least one motorcycle, so there are almost 20 million scooters in the country. From this number, we can understand why Thailand is part of the list of countries with the most significant amount of motorcycles.

Motorcycles are the most significant conveyance in Vietnam. There are more than 45 million bikes in the country, and almost 86% of the people from this country own at least one. Even though the market is saturated, the sales of the two-wheeler continue to increase. Hanoi is known for the congestions caused due to the vast number of bikes on the roads. This situation has led the government to interfere to reduce the number of bikes on the streets.

A place where the number of motorbikes and cars in the country is almost the same: yep, we are talking about Malaysia! With a population of 32 million people, there are about 13 million bikes in the country, which means that almost 5.8 of the 7 million households in Malaysia possess a motorcycle. This is a convenient mean of transport, but at the same many fatalities have happened on the roads.

Indonesia is considered the largest market for bikes and scooters in the world! Jakarta, Indonesia's capital, is regarded as one of the worst places for traffic. Here you can find around 15 million motorcycles riding daily around the city, which undoubtedly exceeds the number of cars. Indonesia has more than 80 million motorbikes in the country, and over 85% of the households own at least one bike, making it the most popular mean of transportation even for families.

Facts show that these are the countries which a massive number of motorcycles, but at the same time, these are the leading countries of motorcycle accidents. As riders, we need to be aware and safe all the time, that's why it is essential to ride and carry the best protection. Remember, ankle injuries are quite common when riding a motorbike, so make sure to prevent accidents and order your UL biker boots pair ASAP.

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